Key Information for starting back in September at Oakes:

This page will be updated with information to keep students and parents informed ready for September 2020.

Home College Agreement

Update to Home College Agreement to reflect Covid19

Our letter:

Dear Oakes Students and Parents/Carers

We can confirm that from the start of the Autumn term all Oakes students will return to college for face to face teaching and I would like to outline how this will take place.

Our overall aim is to provide a full timetable of lessons in a safe environment and our priorities are:


1.       The safety of all students and staff

2.       The best education for every student

3.       A positive social and developmental experience for every student


In line with Government guidance, we aim to form an “Oakes College bubble”.  This will be made up of the incoming Year 12 students and our new Year 13 students and key teaching staff.  We will try to distance ourselves from other year groups, although complete isolation will not be possible.


To ensure all of the above can be achieved we require the following:

·       Students will be expected to wash their hands regularly either with soap and water or hand gel.  This will be provided.

·       A later start and finish between the times of 9.40am-4.00pm.  This will allow those who use public transport to avoid peak hour travel.  It will also avoid overcrowding at the college entrance. 

·       Minimising ‘down time’.  The Oakes timetable will run without any significant breaks.  This will allow us to make up for the later start and keep teaching contact time unchanged.  This also means that students will move from one lesson to another in quick succession.  Where a student has no breaks in a 3 hour block, they will have to snack on the go.  It goes without saying that those who have medical conditions, which do not allow this, will be offered alternative arrangements. 

·       Where possible, we will use the generic classrooms in the Oakes building.  Specialist laboratories or other workshop space will be used when needed to deliver the curriculum.  This will minimise contact with other year groups who share the site.

·       Equipment should not be shared and students will need to ensure they have their own learning material.  Where specialist equipment has to be shared, a thorough cleansing will take place as per the Public Health England guidelines.

·       Lanyards must be displayed at all times.  All new students will be issued with these on arrival.  This requirement has always been in place and is because students need to be identified quickly and easily.

·       The canteen and social space will be available for non-timetabled lessons, but we expect students to keep a reasonable distance from each other and ensure they do not share any food or drink.

Please note that all of these plans are subject to change as new information becomes available.  All alterations will be implemented in line with our consistent aim of providing a safe, positive and happy learning environment.  

We have missed teaching our excellent students and look forward to welcoming the new Year 12 cohort on Thursday 3rd of September.


Yours Sincerely
Karim Marsaoui
Head of Oakes College 

This page was updated on Wednesday 2nd September. Please check back for any updates.We will make these known on social media to ensure you are informed.

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