We all know that DNA, in the cell nucleus, codes for different traits, like eye colour or shape of our ear lobes or our blood group but how does that all connect up? Working out how the DNA code gets out of the nucleus and makes proteins is the first step to understanding this amazing process.

First watch these two videos and make notes on

1) How does DNA make messenger RNA (mRNA)? Why is this called Transcription?

2) What are the 3 different types of RNA?

3) What do mRNA and tRNA do in the ribosome?

4) How does the mRNA affect the order of amino-acids in a protein? Why is this called Translation?

Now make a model to explain Transcription and Translation and make a video explaining the steps in these. Video yourself explaining these processes.

 Further help with transcription and translation can be found in these videos:


Evaluate your model as to what it does and doesn’t show us about how DNA codes for our eye colour, ear lobe shape and blood group.