Core Maths Project – Introducing the Mokia-0

Welcome to the finance department at Mokia!

Your job will be to help the Board of Directors promote, manufacture and deliver this project, whilst ensuring we do it all for the best possible price!

Task A – Budgeting

  • The bosses are meeting with banks next week and would like to have a budget plan to present.

  • We are bidding for £1,600,000 to cover manufacturing, staffing and marketing costs.

  • Produce a budget plan in Excel or Google Sheets showing all costs.

Budget plan:

  • Create a budget plan in Excel or Google Sheets, showing all costs, to present next week to the banks.
  • Your budget plan must include functions to do calculations. Some guidance is here: Click Here
  • You must represent each cost as a percentage of the overall budget.

Steps to Success:

  • Step 1: Lay out your budget plan in Excel or Google Sheets to incorporate all three sectors.
  • Step 2: Enter the formulae for the total columns in your spreadsheet.
  • Step 3: Enter your values and ensure your total budget adds up to exactly £1,600,000.
  • Step 4: Calculate and represent each cost as a percentage of the budget.

Task B – Borrowing Money

In order to get your £1,600,000, the company will have to borrow it from a bank!  When applying for a loan, there are four important things to think about:

  • The amount of money you require
  • The interest rate you are offered
  • How much you can afford each month
  • How much time you will need to pay it back

Here are 3 options:

Steps to success:

  • Step 1: Create an Excel sheet or Google Sheet with the figures for each bank over the years.
  • Step 2: Look at the total interest paid for each bank and decide which is the best deal.
  • Step 3: Display the data for all three banks on one graph to compare them.
  • Step 4: Choose which is the best bank and why.
  • Step 5: Display your balance over time in a graph.

Here is an example of how to structure your spreadsheet:

Task C – Import/Export

You would like to export your phone to the US, the EU, India, China and Australia. The bosses have found the best exchange rates on the market. It is your job to determine which of these countries will give us the lowest total cost:

  • Each country has given us their cost for the phones but it is in their own currency.
  • You have to convert each into GBP to find the cheapest to buy.
  • You will then have to work out the cost of transport and see which will have the lowest total cost.

Task D – Marketing

  • The marketing department is short staffed and you have been drafted in to help.
  • You have been allocated £100,000 from the budget for the marketing.
  • The adverts have already been made but we do not know where to advertise.
  • You have the choice of radio, TV, billboards and leaflets to advertise the new phone.

Here is some information on the costs of each option:

The bosses would like to include all four types of advertising but would like to reach the greatest number of people.

For each of these adverts you need to make certain assumptions and you must make
clear what these are.

Create a budget plan for marketing in Excel or Google Sheets.

Steps for success:

  • Step 1: Create a spreadsheet representing all four types of advertising.

  • Step 2: Add the total price formulae and values to the spreadsheet.

  • Step 3: Calculate the total number of viewers from all your types of advertising.

  • Step 4: Ensure all £100,000 is spent exactly and reaches as many people as possible.

  • State what assumptions you have made for each form of advertising

If you would like more guidance, or simply have questions about the Core Maths course, please email: