Study Programmes

What is a Study Programme?

Whether you want to go to university, carry out an apprenticeship or move into work, a study programme will help you develop the skills and qualifications you need to achieve your goals. At Oakes we take great pride in the support we provide to ensure students can achieve and develop the skills and qualifications needed to progress onto their future destination.

Your Study programme will consist of:

Your Academic/Vocational Course(s):

Whether you choose to study A-levels or an Applied Diploma or a mix of both, your course will form the main part of your study programme. Your qualifications will give you the subject knowledge to help you prepare for further study, an apprenticeship or work.  Subject lessons are taught by specialist teachers with a passion for their subject.

There are a range of A-level/Applied courses available for students to study at Oakes College Cambridge.  Some subjects may be familiar to you but there are many other courses that you may be interested to look at.  Most courses are delivered by two subject specialists, who will teach you in a variety of different ways.  You will, however, be expected to study independently and read around your subjects.  When considering which courses to study, you should bear the following in mind:

  • What your future plans are – certain careers require or recommend particular A-level qualifications.  Check with universities and career institutions for up-to-date guidance.  The Russell Group of universities has a very useful website which lists current facilitating subjects.
  • What you are good at – talk to your teachers, look at your reports and be clear what your strengths are.
  • What subjects do you enjoy – You will spend more time concentrating on fewer/less subjects, therefore you need to be interested in them
  • What combinations of subjects work well together – consider if you would like to be tested by final examinations in the summer or by ongoing coursework.  Be careful not to take all new subjects.  Try to find a balance of new subjects and those you are already familiar and comfortable with.

Course Tutors are able to take queries from students.  Please see individual subjects for contact details.

Work-Related Learning:

At the Oakes College Cambridge we look to enhance every student’s employability, getting them ready for the world of work once they have finished their studies.  Every student will receive work-related learning through a work experience placement and/or employability workshops with industry providers.  Work experience placements usually consist of high quality work experience shadowing, work related activities and workshops in an industry sector students wish to explore further.

Tutorial Support/ Pastoral Programme:

Every student is assigned a personal tutor who will be the main point of contact at the College. You will participate in weekly tutorials and assemblies that will support your development. The pastoral programme has been carefully designed to prepare students in 3 key areas:

  • Life skills and participating in the local community
  • Progression routes – preparation for life after Sixth Form
  • Well-being – Mental, social and physical well-being

English and Maths:

If you have not achieved a grade 4 in English or Maths you must retake this as part of your study programme.

Enrichment Activities:

There is a range of activities on offer to enhance your CV and university applications.  We want all students at the College to realise their potential.  You can take part in a range of enrichment activities and events that can build confidence, various skills and knowledge in areas of personal interest.  There are opportunities to gain further qualifications and undertake volunteering.

Specialist Support:

As a college we recognise some students require additional support to ensure they achieve their potential.  Some students will have specialist support sessions and directed study to support their study programmes.