Film Studies

Studying Film will develop and widen your experience of cinema way beyond mainstream Hollywood.  You will experience world film and films from a range of genres.  The course is a balance of coursework (mainly written) and essay type exam questions.

Course Content
Film Studies is a great subject for anyone who enjoys watching and discussing film.  You will analyse a variety of films whilst studying the history of film and the film industry.  You will also write a screenplay, or actually make a short film.

Component 1: British and American Film

Section A:  Hollywood 1930-1990 (Comparative study)

  • Comparing one film from Classical Hollywood, eg “Casablanca” with one from New Hollywood, eg “Bonnie and Clyde”

Section B:  American Film since 2005 (two film study)

  • One mainstream film, eg “La La Land”
  • One independent film, eg “Captain Fantastic”

Section C:  British Film since 1995 (two film study)

  • Eg “Trainspotting” and “Shaun of the Dead”

Component 2: Global Film Making Perspectives

Section A:  Global Film (two film study)

  • One European film, eg “Pan’s Labyrinth”
  • One film from outside Europe, eg “Wild Tales”

Section B:  Documentary Film

  • One film, eg “Amy”

Section C:  Film Movements – Silent Cinema

  • One film such as the German Expressionist, “Sunrise”

Section D:  Film Movements – Experimental Film (1960-2000) Eg, “Daisies”, “Saute ma Ville”

70% of the marks derive from 2 exam papers
30% Coursework – making or writing a short film and evaluative analysis

Entry Requirements:
7 Higher Grades:

  • Grade 4 (or above) for English and Maths
  • Grade 4 (or above) for other GCSE subjects
  • 1 BTEC (or equivalent) at Merit (or above) may be included within the 7 grades

Further Information

Sophie Smiley
Teacher of Film Studies
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