History remains both a popular and important subject, an indispensable guide to how the modern world has come to be as it is.

A-level History –  AQA 7042
The A level History course is divided into three components:

The Breadth Study
England under the Tudors 1485-1603.  This Breadth Study allows you to see the changes that happened over a long period of time.  How monarchs established Tudor authority, religious changes and the danger produced by revolts.  We also focus on the problems of the years 1547-1563 and the difficulties of the “Mid Tudor Crisis” and how this contrasts with Elizabeth’s consolidation of power 1563-1603.  Much time is also spent on developing the document and essay writing skills students need in this paper.

The Depth Study
Russia 1917-1953.   This part of the course allows for a detailed study of a short period of time.  In this course we examine the causes of the revolutions of 1917, the rule of Lenin and Stalin’s rise to power.  We then look at Stalin’s rule and control of the USSR, as well as his economic and social reforms.  This is followed by the study of the effects of the Second World War on the USSR.  Much time is also spent developing the skills in analysing primary documents, and essay writing which students need in this paper.

Time is spent in the Summer Term of Year 12 teaching the coursework topic.  We study Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1965. Students are taught outline lessons and introduced to some of the areas of historiographical debate.  Students then work independently on their own question, producing a coursework assignment between 3,500 and 4,500 words.

Assessment (Exam Board – AQA)

  • 40% Examination on the whole Breadth Study 1485-1603
  • 40% Examination on the whole Depth Study 1917-1953
  • 20% Coursework

Entry Requirements:
7 Higher Grades

  • Grade 4 (or above) for English and Maths
  • Grade 4 (or above) for other GCSE subjects
  • 1 BTEC (or equivalent) at Merit (or above) may be included within the 7 grades

Further Information

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Subject Lead for History
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