Sociology questions ‘common-sense’ notions of what happens in society.  It will help you to develop skills in the understanding and analysis of topical issues, institutions and organisations.

The skills learnt on the course will also enable you to argue and debate in verbal and written form, and to think critically about contemporary issues.

Year 12 Topics:

  • Education
  • Family
  • Theory and Research Methods

Year 13 Topics:

  • Crime and Deviance
  • Media or Beliefs in Society
  • Theory and Methods

Assessment (Exam Board – AQA)

Paper 1:  Education with Theory and Methods
Written Exam Paper (2 hours) 33.3%

Paper 2:  Families and Households; Beliefs in Society or Mass Media
Written Exam Paper (2 hours) 33.3%

Paper 3:  Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods
Written Exam Paper (2 hours) 33.3%

The exams consist of a mixture of short answer and extended writing questions.

Entry Requirements
7 Higher Grades:

  • Grade 4 (or above) in Maths
  • Grade 5 (or above) in English or an essay based subject
  • Grade 4 (or above) for other GCSE subjects
  • 1 BTEC (or equivalent) at Merit (or above) may be included within the 7 grades

Further Information

Tom Watkins
Subject Lead for Sociology/Psychology/Politics 
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Rob Syposz
Teacher of Sociology
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