College Day

To ensure students and staff are safe, whilst keeping innovative and exciting lessons in college, we have adapted the college day. 


This also helps students travel to and from college safely. Avoiding busy transport times and making sure as a college, they are separate from younger year groups.

Oakes College Covid Expectations

All students should be wearing a facemask when they enter the school site

Facemasks must be worn for the initial movement to the classroom at the start of the day, during movement between lessons, in corridors, toilets and in communal areas.

Face coverings must be removed on entry to classrooms, prior to hands being sanitised, unless you are exempt from wearing a face covering. 

Facemasks must be stored in a plastic bag (such as a freezer bag) when not in use and placed securely in a student’s bag.  Students should avoid touching their face or the face mask, as they could contaminate them with germs from their hands.

Face coverings must be plain or patterned and contain no slogans or images.

Please speak to your form tutor if you have any queries regarding this. Or email