Well done on completing the work, tasks and videos on the Oakes Future page. This really shows your commitment to the course and we are excited to be working with you more in September. This next page will be updated with different tasks to help develop your skills further. It gives you the opportunity to delve into content from the course and get you ready to start in the new term. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions but use this page to strengthen your knowledge and interest in Drama.

A key element of your A-level study will be Performance Skills.


There are 4 Assessment Objectives (AO2/3) that are observed and marked in two exam components.

In Component One: Devising, you will be assessed in how you bring your own ideas to life in performance when demonstrating your self-directed and devised piece of Theatre.

In Component Two: Text in performance, a visiting Examiner will assess your performance skills in a group performance and also a monologue or duologue performance.


The Assessment Objectives cover the use of Vocal skills, Movement skills, Characterisation, Artistic Interpretation and connection with other actors/audience.

Due to the early closure of schools and colleges this term, some or even all of you may not have completed your GCSE performance exam this year. Additionally, it will be very beneficial for us at the Oakes College Drama Department to have some sense of what level of performance you are capable of! So – we would like you to record a monologue performance. You can select the piece that you have/or were planning to use for your GCSE performance OR something completely new!

The monologue should be:


  1. Suitable for examination performance in terms of content and language.

  2. Be taken from a published play.

  3. Be a minimum of 2 minutes long and no longer than a maximum of 3 minutes in length.

  4. Recorded monologues on phones or tablets is absolutely great – feel free to have someone film you, but do not edit the footage.

  5. Final monologues should be sent to lparry@netherhallschool.org

The focus of your monologue should be:



“The Character in their environment”

Don’t worry too much about explicit movement skill

Consider the use of gesture and weight placement first!

Consider what you have at home, or in the garden for example; this character will be in their own ‘world’.


This is an ambitious task to set all of you, but will hopefully give you an opportunity to select, interpret, rehearse and finally create a piece of Drama that you’ll really enjoy – I hope you have fun with it!

If you can’t complete the task, please email at any point.