Hi all – so far we have asked you to engage in 2 aspects of the Drama and Theatre course which are vital to your success at A-level:

Knowledge of Practitioners

An example of your Performance

Another aspect of your success will obviously be your ability to succeed in written examination! The A-level exam is 2 ½ hours long and covers 3 sections.

Throughout the exam, the most successful of you will be writing with a simple and concise style – explaining what you have seen in performance, or plan to perform; never describing the action.

For this task I am going to set you some simple questions based on a performance that we both have seen. Answer these questions to the very best of your ability, attempting to use as much Drama Vocabulary and Theatre terminology as you can.

First click on BBC iPlayer below:

  • Choose ONE of the recorded performances to watch (maybe like me you have actually watched all of them during Lockdown!)

  • As you watch, take some simple notes to help answer the questions set for you.

TASK: Theatre in Performance.


Q1: Analyse and evaluate the use of voice and movement to create impact in the performance you have seen. Use the example of TWO actors.

In your answer, you should consider;

Key moments in the performance

Your response as an informed member of the audience

Clear reference to skills and strategies used with correct terminology.


Q2: As a Performer what choices would you have made in presenting one of the key roles to create a more impactful performance?

In your answer, you should consider;

Key performance skills and strategies that would inform your choices.

A range of Acting skills that would complement and highlight key moments of Drama.

The influence of any Theatre Maker or Practitioner.


Q3: “Theatre Makers rely more on style than content when it comes to live performance.” – discuss this statement in reference to the performance you have seen.

In your answer, you should;

Attempt to offer a balanced consideration

Give examples of key moments that illustrate your points

Consider the contribution made by Theatre Designers, Director and Actors.

Feel free to submit for feedback to lparry@netherhallschool.org