A-level Product Design – Scamper Task

Designers have been known to use the SCAMPER approach to making a design more creative and coming up with new ideas. It is a way to stretch and challenge design thinking. Shown below is the scamper checklist. There is also additional information on the internet.

S   Substitute – components or materials

C   Combine – mix, combine with other elements or materials

A   Adapt – adapt to do something slightly different

M   Modify– increase scale, change shape or colour

P   Put to another use

E   Eliminate – remove elements, simplify

  Reverse– turn inside out or upside down

Using the SCAMPER checklist, choose one of the products opposite and produce a series of modified sketches to show your creative thinking. Examples shown below show how the process works.  Annotations will help explain what you have done.

Objects to SCAMPER

  • Light Bulb

  • Hairbrush

  • Pen

  • Mug

  • Scissors

  • Book

  • Key

  • Chair

  • Reading Glasses

  • Mouse (the computer kind)

  • or anything else you want to!