Filmmakers use SOUND more than anything else to manipulate our emotions.

1. Write down 5 sounds which you don’t like, sounds which make you grit your teeth and set your nerves on edge.

2. Write a few sentences describing these sounds. Do they have any similarities?

3. Can you name or identify any film sequences which use sounds like the ones you have chosen?

Make a note of these sequences, and of the events within them. Say what you think they add.

Sound often affects us VISCERALLY – it alerts our viscera, or gut. There are over 100 million nerve endings in our guts – they are sometimes called “the second brain”.

Film music often affects us in a primal, animal way.

4. If you were put in a sound-proofed room, with no external sounds, which 2 sounds would you still hear?

5. How do filmmakers use these 2 sounds?

6. Find out and write a definition of the following terms:






Find a film in which a piece of music, eg a song, moves from diegetic to non diegetic in 2 adjacent scenes.

7. Watch the “Girl in a Red Coat”extract from “Schindler’s List”several times.

8. Write a paragraph describing what we see in this sequence, and the sounds which we hear. Identify and discuss the diegetic and the non diegetic sound, and why they affect the spectator and add meaning.