Future Chemistry

Taking Chemistry at Oakes is a really exciting experience and we want to equip you with the best tools to get you ready for A-level. Use this page to get the best start at Oakes College

Things to do to ensure you are prepared to study Chemistry A Level:

Flick through the current chemistry journal here and explore through the archives:

Go to the Royal Society page and play around with the interactive Periodic Table.

Interesting and fun things to explore in the world of chemistry:

If you have any questions please contact:

Here is a task sheet to download


•Complete the CGP Head Start to A level Chemistry book:

Product code: CBR71 ISBN: 9781782942801

•Read Maths for A level Chemistry by Stephen Doyle ISBN 9781908682901 

•Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements (Paperback) Hugh Aldersey-Williams ISBN-10: 0141041455

  • Go to www.rsc.org and go to the Element Infographics link and check through those elements we have met so far in our course. How many are solids at room temperature? Would these elements be solid on a planet with an average temperature of -80C (like Mars) or 470C (like Venus)?
  • Use the information from the Interactive Periodic Table or the Infograms to make a crossword puzzle. Start by finding a crossword outline in a newspaper or online. Make a copy of it. On the copy, find words from your own Chemistry facts and understanding to fill in all the gaps. Then go back to the original crossword outline and fill in the clues. Try swapping your Chemistry Crossword Puzzle with a friend and see if they can complete it OR send to two friends and get them to race to see who can complete it first.
  • Go on School Science and find the area relating to your age group and checkout 2-3 topics that interest you. Imagine you were going to do a presentation on ONE of the topics to your class. Make a presentation of 8-10 slides and then provide a voiceover on the slides. Send your finished presentation in and we will upload so everyone can benefit from these unique takes on a Chemistry topic.