Future: Core Maths

Core Maths is about students doing meaningful mathematical problems to increase their confidence in using mathematics to be better equipped for the mathematical demands of other courses, higher education and employment. This page will give you the tools to be prepared and successful for the course.

Things to do to ensure you are prepared for studying Core Maths at Oakes:

Pay attention to maths in news stories – what graphs/charts are used? Are numbers used to make claims?

Interesting things you can do to enhance your knowledge interest of Maths in the Real World 

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How good is your finance knowledge? Complete the quiz here

Read “Maths on Trial” by Coralie Colmez– how maths has been used (and misused) in criminal trials.


“Maths on the back of an Envelope” by Rob Eastaway is an excellent preparation for the real-life aspects of the course.