Future: Film

Film Studies is an essay based course which allows you to explore the world of film. If you are studying this from September this page provides you with a deeper insight and prepares you for success.

Things to do to ensure you are prepared for studying Film Studies at Oakes:

Get familiar with key words and film concepts. Don’t panic if you have never studied film before – BBC bitesize has a great guide.

Keep a film diary or blog of all the films you watch. Try to explore different film genres and write about the cinematography.

Interesting and fun things you can do to enhance your interest in Film:

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Make some short films on your phone or write a screenplay. Set yourself little challenges such as:

•A film in just one room

•Find an object in the room and revolve your plot around that

•A film which has just one character.

Explore short films on Vimeo:

Short of the week

A scheme for young film makers:

 BFI academy