Future: Health & Social Care

The right learning experience is important for a career in health and social care, mainly because of the huge responsibilities for other people’s health. This applied course is very popular with Oakes students and this page is a tool to help set students up for success.

Things to do to ensure you are prepared for studying Health and Social Care at Oakes :

Research and answer the following questions:

*Who are the following people: Piaget, Chomsky, Bandura, Bowlby – how do their theories relate to the development of an individual?

* Everyone experiences major life events, they can be predictable or unpredictable eg starting/leaving school, illness, marriage, moving house etc – make a diary of the ones you and an older member of your family  have experienced.

Write about how did these have an impact on your life?

Interesting things you can do to enhance your knowledge interest of Health and Social Care:

If you have any questions please contact

Watch The secret life of four year olds series (include Old People’s home for 4 year olds too! )–

What types of development can you see taking place?

Look for examples of physical,intellectual, emotional and social aspects.

You will hear lots in the news over coming weeks about different healthcare professionals – find out what their job is all about. Click the logo to visit the website and explore.