Future: History

A popular course at Alevel. To get the most success preparing for your time at Oakes, use this page as a tool.

Things to do to ensure you are prepared for studying History at Oakes :

Our three major topic areas are:

•The Tudors.

•Russia (Nicholas II to Stalin)

•Civil Rights in the USA


Complete short research papers on the following topics, (many of the activities on these sheets can help you prepare and you may also do your own research online):

•The Montgomery Bus Boycott


•Henry VII



Interesting things you can do to enhance your interest in History:

•Check out History docs on iPlayer. Tudors are almost a constant feature, but Russia and Civil Rights often feature too.


•Check out ‘period relevant’ movies on Netflix (or similar). Not always historically accurate but a great way to get in to the time periods.

Read some of these teacher recommended books on various topics on our course:

•Stalin – Simon Sebag Montefiore

•Children of England – Alison Weir

•Better Day Coming – Adam Fairclough

•Also read historical fiction for our course areas.

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