Future Law

An interesting subject to study at A-Level. There has been a surge in interest for Law in recent years. We want you to get the best success at Oakes studying this A-Level course. This page provides you with tools to get the best start as an Oakes student.

Key things to do to be prepared for studying Law:

Research each case and find what the law is and think if you would have decided it in the same way

-Re A (conjoined twins) (2000)

-Donoghue v Stevenson (1932)

-R v Blaue(1975)


Check out BBC News each day and read any law related articles (e.g. any crimes committed, new laws introduced)

Watch this to find out the law on non-fatal offences against the person

Interesting and fun things you can do to enhance your knowledge:

If you have any questions please contact

OpenLearn- Free online courses : Check out the law courses

•Law Pod UK – podcast

•Legal Cheek journals

Follow The Secret Barrister on twitter: @BarristerSecret and read their blog (he also has a great book)

First year text book:

OCR A Level Law Book 1

Author: Martin and Price


The Trial: A Murder in the family – Channel 4


Judge Rinder– listen out for the nuggets of law when he’s deciding the cases


Law films:

12 Angry Men

To Kill a Mockingbird

Anatomy of a murder


The Runaway Jury