Future: PE

Physical Education is a popular A-Level course leading to careers in sport, teaching, physiotherapy and more. This page is to help you be prepared for the KS5 course and get the best possible start.

Things to do to ensure you are prepared for studying PE at The Oakes :

Look through the AQA PE specification- Look at the 7 units and research areas of interest.

Interesting things you can do to enhance your interest in PE   

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Watch the following videos:


•Friday night lights (2004)film


•Varsity blues (1999) film


•Tom Browns School Days (Film)


•Icarus- Netflix film


•Remember the Titans


Consider the impact to Sport of a major International disaster like the Covid19 virus- consider the Sports performers, the individual sports and finally society as a whole?

Research some videos yourself: Sport Psychology, History of Sport, commercialisation of Sport

Alevel Pe is a great website which has links to blogs, theory journals and specifications.

Revision guide covering all content:

ISBN: 878510405226