Future Psychology

Psychology is an interesting and exciting subject to study at A-level and as a BTEC Applied course. This page provides you with tools to help you prepare and achieve success as an Oakes student.

Things to do to ensure you are prepared for studying Psychology at Oakes :

Research the following questions:

1.Why do we conform to peer pressure?

2.What areas of our brain are responsible for different types of memory?

3.How does our early attachment influence our later life?

4.How does depression/OCD/phobias develop?

5.How do psychologists design and conduct research?

Interesting and fun things to explore to help you with studying Psychology:

If you have any questions please contact

If you have Netflix explore psychology based programmes: The mind explained, Babies

The Secret Life of 5year Olds on 4OD

Psychology films: The Stanford Prison Experiment (15), 12 Angry Men (U), Side Effects (15)

Read articles on: Psychology Today

Crash Course Psychology

Follow tutor2u psychology on twitter


Consider, if you were a psychology researcher, what would you want to research?


Explore journals, Youtube videos and websites to make notes on your thoughts. Feel free to email us your ideas.