Future: Art and Design

A creative and innovative A-Level for Oakes students. This page provides you with the tools to achieve success in Art.

Things to do to ensure you are ready for the course:

Drawing is an essential skill.



Interesting things you can do to enhance your interest in Art

Tour an art gallery online


Look through and gather inspiration from the student art guide

Set up a PINTEREST page to collect art forms that inspire you.

On YouTube research a material / style/ subject matter you enjoy and join in to build visual evidence of your growing practice.

Look to draw every day,

It does not matter with what, on what and what you draw, simply draw.

It is all in the looking, what do you see and what do you want to say?

*Extend your art by taking photographs.

*To develop your practice even more: explore and experiment with media.

if you have any questions please email