Media: Future Students Page

Are you studying media from September or interested in finding out a little bit more about the subject? This page is regularly updated with tasks, videos and links to help enhance your Media experience at Oakes

An Oakes Media student editing a short film she created.

Things to do to ensure you are prepared for studying this Media at Oakes :


*Create a media diary (in a notebook or on your phone) which lists all the films, radio programmes and games you experience. What do you like best? Why?

*Watch 3-4 different movies from these genres (e.g. horror, comedy, documentary, thriller, social-realism).

*Identify what camera angles are used in one film. Explain the sound effects in another. List the props and costumes used in the third.

*Find a podcast, advert and music video that you find interesting

Here are some media products to explore: