Future: Politics

Are you studying Politics from September or interested in finding out a little bit more about the subject? This page has tasks, videos and links to help enhance your experience at Oakes

Things to do to ensure you are prepared for studying Politics at Oakes:

Research how laws are made in the UK and the US

Create timelines of Prime Ministers and Presidents since WW2. What big events happened under their leadership

Find out what it actually means to be a conservative, a liberal, a socialist, a feminist, anarchist or a fascist?

Interesting and fun things to explore in the world of politics:

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Taking Control  (the Dominic Cummings story

Inside the Commons  (behind the scenes in Parliament)


13th (about racism in the US prison system)

RBG (about the longest serving Supreme Court justice)

The Thick of It (comedy about British politics)

Find out where your own views sit on the political spectrum at Political Compass


@LauraKuenssberg (BBC politics)

@FaisalIslam (Sky Politics)




Animal Farm and 1984 by George Orwell

The Autobiography of Malcolm X