Trouble shooting

Look around your home for any user guides or manuals for electrical appliances. Look online for Software installation guides.

Look specifically at the trouble shooting pages. Notice how they are simple to understand and take you through a series of different things to check for each problem.

Your task

You are going to create a trouble shooting guide for a teenager with some computing knowledge to help them with some common hardware and software issues. This can be in any format, website, app, booklet etc

Think about your audience. You need to have simple, clear instructions. Perhaps use diagrams to help them understand. Can they be grouped with clear headings to make the guide easy to navigate?

Think about the order in which the instructions should be completed e.g. for a computer not turning on

  1. Check the plug is in the socket and the switch on the wall is on
  2. Check the cable in the back of the computer
  3. Try a different socket

Aim to have a minimum of 3 checks for each problem. Some of them will need more!

Trouble shooting scenarios

  • the printer won’t print
  • The power button will not turn on the computer
  • An application is running slowly
  • An application is frozen
  • All programs on the computer run slowly
  • The computer is completely frozen
  • The mouse or the keyboard has stopped working
  • The sound isn’t working
  • The screen is blank
  • An application will not open
  • Cannot access the internet
  • Using online video call software, there is no sound
  • Using an online video call software, there is no image
  • Computer keeps turning off after it has been on a while
  • Blue screen of death
  • Computer will not log on after a Windows 10 update
  • A message has appeared saying the hard-drive is nearly full
  • WIFI signal is very weak
  • A new game will not install