As a college we believe it isn't just the subject lessons that count towards your education, so we have created a package of engaging, exciting and educational opportunities for all our students.

Over the last 3 years we have gone to places such as:

New York, London, Nepal, South Africa, Italy, Paris, Manchester, Sky Studios, exclusive film screenings at the BFI and more. Our trips are there to create both opportunities, memories and help with courses. We do listen to our students’ feedback and design the trips with them in mind. If there is a place you would love to visit, do let us know. We love an adventure!

New York 2020

I visited New York with 49 other students from Oakes College in February 2020. It was a really exciting and worthwhile experience. I most enjoyed getting to see the city and experience what it’s like in a different country/culture

It wasn’t just a holiday; in fact we didn’t relax much at all! There was so much to do. I learnt most about the radio city music hall history and how production works at TV network NBC. It was really interesting and helpful. I think the most memorable moment was going up the Empire State because it was so beautiful.

As a student, it gave me new experiences and allowed me to meet other people from college that I didn’t know so well before. It’s a trip that I would recommend to everyone in the future!

Beth, Year 13

Extra-Curricular Activities

As a teacher, I wanted to set out to give as many opportunities to my students as possible. I feel college shouldn’t JUST be about exams. Yes they are important, but so is making friends, developing communication and team working skills. Students need to leave college with a bucket load of lifeskills to ensure they are successful. As a teacher, I want to help make that happen.

Growing up, I was lucky enough to explore many places from London to Edinburgh, New Orleans to Malawi. I felt with every trip I learnt about different cultures, I gained confidence, I was inspired and I loved the memories I have created. I know that not all students get that chance. Not all venture out further than their local town, and so to me, this is an important part in their education. Finding their feet in new lands.

I have loved organising trips, such as our overnight stay in London where students worked on making a magazine article about Covent Garden fashion, visited the James Bond museum, had an exclusive film screening of Black Panther and spent the day being creative in Sky studios. It has allowed a broad range of students to experience the world of work and encourage students to collaborate and network. This has strengthened confidence and communication and ultimately, them as an individual. 

With all the trips, workshops, guest speakers and clubs we plan, we always have the students’ experience as a key outcome. We want our students to be strong, resilient and cultured individuals, as they leave us and enter the world of work and university. I believe we do this with ‘bells on’ and will continue to do this forever.

Miss Samuels (Head of Student Enrichment)

Our Trips Gallery


Within subjects and pastoral time, we invite guest speakers and industry experts to help you engage with the wider world of work and boost your CV.

Clubs and Activities

We have lots of clubs for students to enjoy: 


  • Young Enterprise
  • Oakes Radio
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Football
  • Pop Choir
  • Badminton
  • Jewellery Making
  • Debate Club
  • Makaton
  • Film Club

We also work with you to suggest future clubs, based on your desires and interests.


This year at Oakes College, we decided to launch a new initiative to develop the skills and experiences of our students beyond the classroom. We created the six-week Elective, a compulsory element of the students’ study programmes, consisting of six hourly sessions in an area of their choice. This offered our students an opportunity to escape from the daily academic pressures of studying A-levels, as well as build skills of resilience and versatility ready for life after education.

These electives have expanded the working  groups of students and helped to build the already thriving Oakes community, with an increased sense of belonging. This year, thanks to the wide-ranging talents of our Sixth Form Tutors, we were able to offer a fantastic variety of courses:

  • Silver Smithing

  • Personal Training Programmes

  • Art Instillation

  • Long Distance Running

  • Zidisha – Micro Finance

  • Refugees and Fundraising

  • Portrait Photography

  • Mindfulness

  • Creative Writing

  • Professional Standards Photography

  • Table Top Gaming

  • Latin Dancing

  • BBC Young Reporter

  • EPQ

  • Landscape Gardening

Students chose the course most suited to them and they have been a huge success. Mr Marsaoui and I have enjoyed visiting the groups each week to see what they have been getting up to. From learning new dance moves to creating silver rings, the students have certainly embraced these new experiences with enthusiasm and flair.

There are many benefits of Electives, including strengthening UCAS applications and CVs, developing a new skill, working in groups of like-minded people and having some quality time away from academic studies. This is an evolving programme and as a new student you can recommend courses you would like to try –  Musical theatre? Hip hop dancing? Short films? Scriptwriting? Pottery? Accountancy and Budgeting?

Let’s see what the students had to say…

‘I think the Electives are really creative, inspiring and have helped me to develop further skills and knowledge in this area’ Katie – Year 12, BBC Young Reporter.

‘I have found my Elective course particularly great. I think they are good as they give you a good de-stress, especially for Year 13; they are a great opportunity to forget about college work.’

Theo – Year 13, Mindfulness.

Mrs Emma Hayward (Deputy Director of Sixth Form)

We listen to feedback from our students. If there is a particular club, trip, skill you want to learn - we will do our best to make it happen. Your experience at Oakes is important and we strive to make it the best.