Welcome to the Music tent which shares the creative musical talents of our student body and staff. Feel free to listen to our students or watch their performances. We are proud of the musical delights they have contributed this year.

Six - Gracie and Ava Kay, Lucy and Polly Tytherleigh, Anna and Louisa Dunkerley

Amelie Bentham

Reuban Huggins

Iris Wagner

Lucy Taylor

Mary Huan & Eliza Gregory

Chihiro Egawa

Corben Bentley

Raine Gasgonia and Amelie Bentham

Jenny and Zoey He

Chihiro Egawa

Raine Gasgonia

Amelie Bentham

Ella Coldron

Mali Jongman-Rios

Laurence Djan

Charlotte Lyons

Mr Tooley

Ms Samuels

JoJo Bentley

Alice Houghton

Chihiro Egawa

Harry Nicholas

Leanndra Bara

Holly and Robyn Hughes-Maclean

Selma Jongman-Rios

Mrs Snow and Rosa Snow

Jett Nicholson

Chihiro Egawa

Martha Barrell

George Stephens

Thank you all for your amazing contributions.