Watch the video Treasure Hunt 10 minute lesson and scroll through the slides.

Catch up with key media terminology:

Draw a mindmap of ideas for a short film. The theme is "Lockdown" and you can create any idea for a film that you feel suits this. A short film usually is between 5 minutes and 15 minutes. What could be the plot and ideas your film will hold? To chat through ideas, feel free to email Miss Samuels,

Here are a few award-winning short films for inspiration:

Creative stretch and challenge:

If you would like to start filming or making your advertising campaign and short film, here are some great free apps and websites to help you. When you are in college with us, we will give you access to the whole Adobe suite for free at home and at Oakes, on top of many other apps and media software.

Online free photo editor (very similar to photoshop)

Canva is a great website and app which is free with any school/college email. You can create posters, social media posts, videos and much more.

Online film editor. You could also use iMovie which is free on Mac and iPhones.