Well done on completing the work, tasks and videos on the Oakes Future page. This really shows your commitment to the course and we are excited to be working with you more in September. This next page will be updated with different tasks to help develop your skills further. It gives you the opportunity to delve into content from the course and get you ready to start in the new term. I reckon you will be a media expert in no time and these resources will strengthen your talent! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions but use this page to build on your knowledge and interest in Media.

Some students often start the course still wondering what “MEDIA” is. The video on the right can help develop your understanding further.  Whether you have studied media GCSE or never even heard of the subject, you will learn LOADS on this creative course. You will learn practical skills – using a camera, making a radio show, creating a digital and print advert, work out what lighting is needed for a horror film, design your own app or magazine, try animation and build your own online digital portfolio website. LOTS? Exactly, however, our teachers will guide you through every step with innovative and exciting lessons. You will learn to develop critical, analytical and creative thinking. Helping you pave the way to a career in journalism, animation, marketing, broadcasting, filmmaking, editing, social media, publishing, politics, law, photography, sound design and much more!

Task 1

To really succeed in the course is to be able to know and have experienced lots of media products. We will watch, listen and explore different pieces through our lessons, but it is good to have your own input too! Whilst schools are closed, use this time to try Media bingo. 

  • Aim to try as many squares as possible.

  • Write a short blog, notes in a book, vlog, scrapbook or audio recording on your experience of each bingo square.

  • What was it about, what was it like? What did you enjoy? What did you not like? 

  • Bring back a completed bingo card (you can right click and save as OR drag to your desktop) in the first week of term to win a prize!

Task 2

Watch the BBC live lesson to just understand the ins and outs of recording a media production.

Task 3

GIF Animation
At college you will have some lessons where you will be introduced to the wonderful world of animation. You will create a few different animations using a range of different methods. 


During this task you will utilise stop motion animation using Google slides to create a Gif. Treat each slide of your presentation as a single frame in your animation. When you publish your completed slides to the web, it will click through the slides automatically bringing your animation to life! I would love to see your finished gifs so feel free to email them to me!


1. Watch this video on the right showing you how to create an animation using Google Slides.


2. Create a simple animation (following the YouTube tutorial above) which gives thanks to all the key workers of the NHS. You can use any images and text you want. It is important that you spend a few minutes planning what you want to create before you start. You could write the plan down, sketch it or simply have it in your head. But you must plan it first.


Top Tips:
….Don’t use gif images in animations, they don’t work well
….Always duplicate slides when you want things to pause (Writing, etc)
….Don’t use transitions for any slide, they will slow the animation down
….Short movements appear slow, large movements appear quick.


3. Once you have completed the animation you should export it to make it animate. This is really easy to do by following these instructions:
…..Click on file and then publish to the web.
…..Check both boxes and click the Publish Button.
…..Click Ok and then copy the weblink that is provided.
…..Paste the link onto the attached ‘Google Slides Creations’ document. Change the ending of the link from 3000 to 83 (This will slow your animation down).
….Click on the link to view your animation.



4. If you have a question please don’t hesitate to message me on here and I will get back to you.


Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you create!

Task 4

Watch all 3 episodes of “Quiz” on ITV hub if you can. 

Think about the following questions. You will need to watch all 3 episodes to really think about the answer.

  • How would you describe Charles as a character?

  • Do you think he is guilty?

  • How do you feel media editing and snippets of information effect storytelling?

Enjoy learning about different media products over the next few weeks. We are excited to teach you more from September on how to analyse and create media. We will work hard to get you the best results possible on this course, whilst also providing you with skills for both University and the working world!