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The cardiovascular system is the body’s transport system. It includes the heart and blood vessels. During exercise, an efficient cardiovascular system is extremely important, as the heart works to pump blood through the various blood vessels to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and gather waste products for removal. Pivotal to this system is the heart. It is important that you understand how the heart beats, as well as the mechanics of the heart in supplying essential nutrients and removing waste materials from the body’s cells.

2. Either download the above diagram (right click save as OR drag to your desktop) or draw your own version. Colour the arrows blue which represent blood low in oxygen content and red for those representing oxygen-rich blood.

The conduction system of the heart

Match the following terms with the correct definition:


Atrioventricular Node (AVN)

Bundle of HIS

Purkinje (Purkyne) fibres

Sinoatrial Node (SAN)



_____________________ A.Specialised cardiac tissue which spreads a cardiac impulse throughout the myocardium, causing the ventricles to contract.

_____________________ B.  A mass of specialised cardiac muscle fibres located in the right atrium responsible for emitting the cardiac impulse. Also known as the pacemaker of the heart.

_____________________ C.A mass of conducting cells located in the right atrial wall which acts as a distributor passing the cardiac impulse down through the septum.

_____________________ D.Two branches of the conduction system of the heart that run down the entire length of the septum. 

The cardiac cycle

The list below shows the link between the cardiac cycle and the conduction system of the heart. The stages however are muddled. In the space provided, place the list in the correct order. Assume the first statement is in the correct place.

•           Atrial diastole – both atria fill with blood

•           Ventricles contract causing an increase in ventricular pressure

•           AV node spreads excitation through the ventricles

•           Semi-lunar valves close to prevent backflow of blood

•           Ventricular diastole – ventricles fill with blood

•           Semi-lunar valves are forced open. AV valves remain closed

•           Rising pressure forces the AV valves to open

•           Blood is forced into the aorta and pulmonary arteries

•           Atrial systole – the atria force the remaining blood into the ventricles

Each cardiac cycle begins with the generation of a cardiac ___________ from the ____ node. This impulse spreads throughout the atria causing them to contract. This is known as _____________________. Blood is now forced from the two atria into the two ventricles below. This stage of the cardiac cycle is known as ___________________. During this stage the _______________ valves are open but the ______________ valves are closed. As the atria relax during ____________________they are filled with blood. As the cardiac impulse spreads throughout the ventricles they contract causing ____________ ___________. Now the __________________valves are closed and blood is forced through the _____________valves into the aorta and the pulmonary arteries. Finally the ventricles begin to relax, the ________________________ valves once again close while the _________________ valves open. The ventricles once again fill with blood during _____________________. The cycle now begins again.

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