Well done on completing the work, tasks and videos on the Oakes Future page. This really shows your commitment to the course and we are excited to be working with you more in September. This next page will be updated with different tasks to help develop your skills further. It gives you the opportunity to delve into content from the course and get you ready to start in the new term. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions but use this page to strengthen your knowledge and interest in Physics.

Today’s world is built around data – collection, transmission and processing data are key to all our modern technologies from smart phones to self-driving cars.

Watch this video which outlines some possible developments in self-driving cars.

In the video two methods of finding the distance to an object are mentioned – Radar and Lidar.

Find out a bit more about how and why Radar was developed, and how it functions.

Then, compare that to Lidar – what are the differences? Why is Radar not being used on self-driving cars?

There are a number of problems facing the humanity at the moment, from global warming to diminishing natural resources.

This video discusses new kinds of materials that could be used to address some modern problems.

Find out what each of the words below mean, with respect to material properties, and give an example of a material or substance that displays the property:

Strong, hard, brittle, tough, plastic, elastic, stiff, malleable, ductile, compressive strength, tensile strength.

Can you explain how the structure of the materials you have mentioned above can explain the material properties (i.e. glass is brittle because…)