Well done on completing the work, tasks and videos on the Oakes Future page. This really shows your commitment to the course and we are excited to be working with you more in September. This next page will be updated with different tasks to help develop your skills further. It gives you the opportunity to delve into content from the course and get you ready to start in the new term. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions but use this page to strengthen your knowledge and interest in Psychology

The first topic we cover is Social Influence. This looks at why we conform and obey and why we sometime choose not to. 

Research and find definitions and explanations of the following key terms:

Locus of control
Resistant to social influence


Watch the following short film and answer the questions below using your new knowledge of key terms:

The Wave – a short film

  1. How does the teacher elicit (draw out) obedience?

  2. Why do the students demonstrate obedience?

  3. What changes can you see happen in the obedient students and in the teacher?  (thoughts/beliefs/attitudes/opinions/behaviour)

  4. What can Laurie see that the Wave can’t? (Why is she different?)

  5. What does this film show about conformity?