Your task is to research each psychologist and their study (the links take you to YouTube resources but you may need to do some extra on-line research).

You then need to create a timeline of psychological research, including a short summary of what each person investigated and what they found out about human behaviour.


Albert Bandura 1961

Simons and Chabris 1999

George Miller 1956

Mary Ainsworth 1969

Elizabeth Loftus 1974

John Bowlby 1944

John Watson 1920

Solomon Asch 1956

Some questions to consider – each question should have at least a 10 word answer
1. Why do you want to study Psychology?
If your answer relates to a job or career you hope to have then do some research into it to find out the following:
i. What additional training or qualifications would you need for the job?
ii. What would your responsibilities be working in that job?
iii. What would your annual income be?
iv. What experience would you need to get into the job?
v. What would be the advantages of working that job?
vi. What would be the disadvantages?

Ok, now back to A-level Psychology…
2. What are you hoping to learn from studying Psychology?
3. What are your expectations of studying Psychology?