A page dedicated to the art, craft, creativity and innovation from staff and families over lockdown. Whether learning a new skill, celebrating, inspired by others or just trying things out - this page showcases the amazing things we've worked on to help bring sunshine during the storm. Click on the images below to discover are brilliant contributors.

The following playlist is a selection of songs that teachers from Netherhall and Oakes College have chosen for their "Desert Island Discs" Listen and enjoy. Can you work out who chose each song?
At the start of lockdown, teachers took part in Lockdown island discs. Here is mr Carlson's episode.

Baking and Making

Gardening and Beautiful photography

Miss Walsh

Ms Parfect getting creative in various ways

Mr Weston's new pond

Art and Poetry

"I wrote a poem while on holiday in the Peak District at half term - the last really ‘normal’ time I remember. At the start of the lockdown, I copied the poem onto seeded paper, tore it up and planted it. I watered it everyday and now I have a pot of poppy seedlings!" Miss Binney

Family fun and smiles