September 2023 Entry (2023-2025)

Applying to The Oakes College Cambridge

Admissions Criteria
When considering your application we will look at the following factors:

  • Your estimated (or actual) examination grades
  • The recommendation you have for the course you have selected from your previous/current school or college
  • The reference your school or college provides as part of your application
  • The contribution you are likely to make to the life of the college.
  • The number of places available on the course you are applying for

When Oakes College is oversubscribed, the college will give priority to students within the Cambridge Area Partnership (CAP).  Applications from suitable qualified students will be considered against the following criteria:

  • Students who name Oakes College as their first choice
  • Whether your home or current school is in the CAP area
  • Students whose application reaches the college by the deadline date
  • The course is not available where you live.

Renewal/Appeal Procedure

Parents and students have a right to appeal against any decision refusing a sixth form place in a school with a sixth form.  An independent panel must hear appeals within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.  To make an appeal the appellant must submit a letter to the Principal with reasons why the appeal is being made. If an appeal is made in-year the appeal must be heard by an independent panel within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.

Examination Entry Policy
It is normal practice to enter all students, at the college’s expense, for all examinations which we have prepared them for.  This applies to A-levels and Applied courses.

Re-sit examinations are available in legacy A-level modular courses.  Students will only be entered for re-sit examinations at parents’ or students’ expense.

In the exceptional case of a student failing to achieve the minimum attendance rate of 90% or failing to prepare adequately, the college reserves the right not to make the examination entry.  This will always be discussed with the student, who will then have the option to enter at their own expense.

Withdrawal of Courses
Unfortunately there is no guarantee that all courses will run.  If a course attracts an insufficient number of students it may not be timetabled.  However, every effort will be made to ensure the continuation of all courses in the prospectus.

Applications from Year 11 Students
Oakes College will be in attendance at the Post-16 Information Evenings hosted by each Cambridge Area Partnership (CAP) school during the first half of the Autumn Half Term.  You are encouraged to speak with us to ask questions.

Our Open Evening is being held on Tuesday 11th October 2022.

Applications are made using, the online application tool.  Students applying, who live outside of the CAP, can also apply using this method or alternatively submit a paper Application Form (see below).  The deadline for applications is 10th January 2023.

Download Application Form
Download Guidance Notes

Applications from Students at Post-16 Colleges/Centres
Students who are currently completing Level 2 resit or top-up programmes may apply for the two year A-level programme using, or by completion of a paper Application Form (see above for download link).  The entry requirements will be the same as for Year 11 students.  We will take into account GCSE grades achieved at the end of year 11 and predicted grades on the re-sit programme of study. Students will need to demonstrate a good attitude to study and attendance.

Overseas Applications
The college welcomes applications from overseas students who are eligible to study in the UK.  We request that qualifications are checked by a recognised provider to demonstrate that they meet the admissions criteria set by the college.  This may involve a small fee by the applicant.  The college will advise which paperwork may be necessary to support such an application.

Late Applicants
Students who apply after the deadline will have their application considered.  However, the offer of a place will depend on the availability of places on courses.  If a student wishes to apply to join Oakes College Cambridge following the publication of GCSE results, applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

Guidance Meetings
If you have selected Oakes College as your first or second choice, you will be invited to visit us for a guidance meeting in the Spring Term.  You will be made a conditional offer of a place by Easter, as long as you meet the required standards and there is availability on the courses you have chosen to study.  This will be a positive and friendly opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding your chosen courses.  Invitation to a guidance meeting, however, does not guarantee a place.

You will also be invited to attend an Induction Morning in late June/early July. This morning is designed to introduce you to other students, the college procedures, to teaching staff and to the courses you are intending to take.  Parents and carers will also be invited to a Parents’ Information Evening in late June/early July, which provides an opportunity to hear about the ways the college works, opportunities available and a chance to speak with the College Team.

At the end of August, you are required to inform us of your GCSE results.  If problems arise, these can easily be resolved.  Enrolment takes place over two days, following the release of the GCSE results.  The Director of College and Deputy Directors will be available in College following the publication of GCSE results to discuss programmes of study.  On enrolment days, we ask students to complete a range of documents and to make a voluntary contribution to the College Fund.  This helps to provide a range of additional activities and resources.

Start of the Academic Year
Year 12 students will be invited in for a half-day to meet their tutor, collect their timetables, discuss courses, complete outstanding paperwork and to find classrooms/facilities.  Students will be informed of the college start dates at the Induction Morning.

In-Year Transfers
The college will allow the guidance laid out in the School Admissions Code – DFE December 2014.  Consideration will be given to the following before offering a place:

  • Does the student meet the college admissions criteria?  If the grades are not met, can the college apply a special consideration for extenuating circumstances, that will not disadvantage a student’s long term study/career goals?
  • Are there available places on the courses?
  • Does the college offer the same courses and Exam Boards that the student is currently studying and will the transfer allow the student satisfactory coverage of the course to prepare them for examinations?
  • A reference from the previous school which details current progress on their courses


The Oakes College DRAFT Admissions Policy – September 2023