Get To Know The College

You may have already been to Netherhall and sort of know your way round. The Oakes is on the Netherhall site and has its own environment and identity. The Oakes corridor and facilities are exclusive to our students and we want it to be the ideal place for you. 

For many of you, Oakes is a brand new place of learning. This page is here to help you find your way around.  Also, as soon as we are able to welcome you into college in person, your form tutors will show you where EVERYTHING is.  You will soon find your feet and feel confident walking around to lessons.

Scroll down this page to watch the tour and see the map. Or click on the interactive classroom button to meet your teachers.

Meet the Oakes Team

Mr Marsaoui

Head of Oakes 

Where to find him? Often walking around the Sixth Form corridor, in his office or making cups of tea for students in the common room.

Mr Syposz

Deputy Head of Oakes

Where to find him? In his classroom O8. He’s great to talk about student futures, such as University and Apprenticeships.

Mr Watkins

Deputy Head of Oakes

Where to find him? Mr Watkins is often in his classroom in 06. If you have questions about EPQ, he has some great ideas and help for you.


Mrs Hayward

Deputy Head of Oakes (Maternity leave)

Where to find her? Currently at home with her family, but when she’s back you’ll see her everywhere in the Oakes corridor, either teaching English or near the common room,  as she is a fabulous part of the Oakes team.

Mrs Davis

Head of Pastoral Support

Where to find her? In her office next door to the Oakes admin office. Mrs Davis is a great listener and loves working with students on their well-being.

Ms Samuels

Head of Enrichment & Student Interaction

Where to find her? In Soyinka (top floor) in the Media office or in the Radio studio/media classroom S30. She’s often sorting out snapchat/instagram/website  to make sure students benefit and are up-to-date.

Ms Morley

Mrs Brown

Oakes Administration

Where to find them? In the office next door to Mrs Davis. They are the ones to collect your college lanyard from and will be sending you important messages. The college only runs smoothly because of these two amazing members of the team!

Map of Oakes College Cambridge

Map of Oakes College

Finding your way around

Tutor Specialists

Your tutor is likely to be a specialist in one of the subjects you are studying, that way they can provide both academic and pastoral support, as well as help guide you with your future destinations, such as university choices and suitable enrichment opportunities.

This also means there will be like-minded individuals in your tutor group, studying similar subjects to you too!

Tutor Mentoring

In the first week of every term, it is important to be in for tutor morning sessions. These are to help you build skills but also go through important information for the future.

After the first week you then book 1-2-1 sessions with your tutor. These are to track and hone your progress, as well as support you to set targets for your future and overcome barriers to learning, apply for UCAS or work and help your wellbeing whilst at college.

Tutor Programme

Once a fortnight you get an hour in your tutor groups. Here you discuss community issues, have debates, work on your personal statements, learn about student finance and develop other skills for adult life.

You would also have one assembly a fortnight, in which content is chosen to support your development in all areas, including guest speakers and targeted workshops.

Shaping Your Study Programme.

To help shape the Oakes College, we have a student presidential team, who are responsible for a range of different things, including student voice, social events and organising the end of year ball. Being part of the student presidential team is a great role, not just for your CV and personal statement, but to allow you to connect to the student body. Your role is to ensure people are listened to, the college ball is a success, charity events are organised and everyone enjoys the experience. Sounds a lot doesn’t it? DON’T PANIC – you will also have a superb student team supporting you and lots of the Oakes staff too!


You can find out more about this on the experience page. However, we want you to leave Oakes with skills and memories that build on your academic experience. During your electives, Oakes tutors organise a short course where you can choose to learn journalism, mindfulness, dancing, street art, designing board games, photography, musical theatre and much more. You will also have the opportunity to attend a range of enrichment activities during your study programme, such as sports teams, joining the debate team, or the gym fitness suite, amongst many other clubs on offer.

These are an alternative to your tutor periods for a term. They are created to develop your skills, work on your general wellbeing, build on friendships and strengthen your future personal statements for work, apprenticeships and university.