Please Note:  Any information may be subject to change at any time.  Please check the relevant websites for up-to-date information.

Students travel to Oakes College from a wide area, and sometimes cover long distances.  For many, this can be a significant difference from their experience at secondary school.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions linked to COVID-19 and subsequent additional costs, we will not be in a position to offer college transport from the start of the Autumn term.  Once we have greater clarity, we would look to reinstate the facility as soon as possible, should demand remain.

We have altered the structure of the College day to allow for additional travel time using public transport, avoiding the morning rush hour period.  Students arriving by alternative means such as being dropped off, cycling, taxi, are welcome on site from 7.30am to use the facilities.

Please find a range of alternative methods below to access education at Oakes College.  If you would like to discuss transport with a member of the Oakes team, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Oakes College Cambridge is served by the Stagecoach Citi1 bus route which stops directly outside the College and runs every 10 minutes from the city centre and Railway Station. Search for Stagecoach Timetables.  Some students may qualify for a concessionary bus pass.  Financial support is only available for students living in low income households who meet Cambridgeshire County Council’s qualifying criteria.  Find out more.


Student Connect Cards – a third off rail travel for 16-18 year olds.  Thameslink Great Northern offer students the opportunity to apply for a Student Connect card which entitles 16-18 year olds in full time education, one third off Season Tickets for their specified journey on certain routes.  To check whether your journey qualifies and to apply, please visit Thameslink Great Northern.  This card is free.  The offer has been available for the last few years but we cannot guarantee that it will continue.

There is also the 16-25 Railcard, which is very flexible and can be used at any time during the week and out of term time.  Please note:  There is a charge for this card and there may be other conditions which apply, such as a minimum spend, so please check carefully before proceeding.  Apply here.


Many local students walk or cycle.  Students who are eligible for a bus pass but who wish to cycle to college may apply for a grant of £40 per term to subsidise their costs.  Students will be sent the relevant application form at the end of each term, via their college email.


The college has NO available parking for college students, unless there is a medical need or disability.  If you believe you may qualify, please contact the College Office.